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SP3 freezing when on battery power.


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Hi All..

My sp3 has served me pretty well for a few years but has recently started locking up for no reason when running on battery power.

Seems to be pretty intermittent - sometimes it happens after a couple of seconds, or minutes where the screen locks up and the surface is not responsive at all. Ive noticed that sometimes I can see a row of very faint lines across the screen somewhere, and once or twice ive actually had about 1/3 of the screen appear as a mixure of coloured blocks.

The problem is fixed temporarily by pressing the top power button to turn the screen off and then back on again.

When it is locked up, the background process appear to have kept running - so its just a display freeze.

And this problem only happens when im running of battery - when im plugged into power it works fine.

Anyone have any ideas on this? I have just tried a complete reset / reinstall of win 10 and its still happening.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

I have a Surface pro 3 - i5 128gb model.