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Display shuts off at startup (Surface Pro1)


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Just wondering if anyone has successfully fixed this bug...

When I turn on my SP1 either from standby or cold-boot, the tablet will startup BUT not display the "SURFACE" logo. All you get is the backlight turning on. Then a few seconds later the screen will go black. And the "METRO" button will be active and vibrate when touched. At this point I'm positive I am at the start screen, I can hear the "Narrative" option as well as hear button presses and such.

Only way to start windows normally is to do the 2 button reset while plugged in. Then unplug for 15min. Then replug for 15 minutes and power up.

Tablet worked fine for a year up until now. Tried the usual refresh,reset, etc. I'm in the process of trying a USB recovery once I receive my 16gb flash.

Thanks in advance!
Unfortunately no:(. I've managed to wittle the reboot time...

Now I don't need to 2 button reset at all. Just needs 15 minute rest in between powering on. Does not need to be plugged in.

Leads me to believe it has to do with capacitator (hopefully not) or I'm hoping for a video driver issue from what I've read in multiple forums. It's a common windows 8 issue. I feel like I'm so close to finding a solution. Tried looking at the event viewer but I can't make any sense of it.

Is there a log file where I can see what exactly happens at boot up to pinpoint the issue?