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Surface 3 display shuts off randomly


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I'm using 5 surfaces as time clock kiosks. They are always plugged in on the wall with a charger, all settings have been set to never sleep, never turn off. I have one that's been running for 14 days straight. The other 4 will randomly shut off the display after 1-5 days. Which you just need to hit the power button, but they are in secure wall mounts that require the surface be taken out of it which is frustrating. These are also not in the same town.

Yesterday I got an exchange on 3 of them. Out of box let them discharge fully and then connected to chargers and went home. When I got in to the office this morning, 1 is on and the other 2 the display is shutoff. Pressing the power button reveals they didn't shut down, just screen off.

I've tried updating all the firmware available. Has anyone else run into this or know of a solution?