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Arthur ASCII

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You just couldn't resist could you !

Now. Please allow me to introduce myself. I've been immersed in the world of computing since I built my first Nascom Robot computer in the early eighties.

As the proud owner of a Surface RT, I thought I ought to find out where "the buzz" was... This seems to be the place!

I'm looking forward to participating in some friendly and stimulating debate about what is a truly brilliant but much maligned platform.

Catch you on a thread..



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Hi and welcome!

Just a heads-up - this place is populated by two kinds of people - those who have the RT and those who have the Pro (aside, of course, from those considering either of the machines). There are also those into Win 8 phones and Win 8 in general. But there is one thing in common - we all hate the Surface! We hate it so much that we can't stop talking about it sometimes. :LOL:

Just kidding! You'll find some very informative stuff going around here. Very nice and helpful folks who are as knowledgeable as they are passionate about their devices. As for me, I am more passionate than knowledgeable about my RT! Aside from my ThinkPads, it is one of the best machines I have ever owned.



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I also can't resist "Wet Paint" signs. :LOL:

This is the best place to be for a Surface owner --- welcome!