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Do We Like the New Designs!?


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I really like this new colour, looks sharp as hell. I wonder if this'll be available for the Pro anytime soon. Not so sure about the silver part being shown from the front of the machine though.


Liking these too! I probably would have gone for the purple one... but the only thing is kinda having to have a purple background on your Surface lol. Otherwise I think it's going to look a bit off.


I know it's only a small detail, but I actually don't like the re-design of the rear. I much prefer the logo on the first generation.


I like the new design (from the pics I have seen), but was wondering... Is it white or is it metal (as in silver)? It is unclear to me from the pics and I have read that its white in some articles but in the live blog I saw they said metal... Other than that, its cool that its thinner but not too much else seems different. But its what's inside that really counts IMO... And I think MS has done a great job here with the processor bump, the full hd display, graphics, accessories and lower price! That said, if it is brushed metal (as I suspect) then I want one!! :)


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I prefer the Windows logo, but I can see why they want people to know this is not just any Windows device. Mine is covered by a skin anyway. The new colors are great. I'm looking forward to getting a Cyan type cover for my RT. I don't care much about the dual position kickstand or silver, but variety is cool.


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I disliked the "Surface" branding on the kickstand. I agree the MS logo was better. Otherwise I like everything else


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yea that white/silver look is sexy and sleek. Looks like much hasn't changed tho and I agree it looks better with a windows logo rather than the surface lettering...but imo both would look better! windows logo AND surface word would look nice.

btw here is a front shot sorta


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It is a metallic silver. Same magnesium build as 1st generation. Just a new color now. Very sexy n high tech looking.


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The Surface 2 is bare metal (no coating like the Pro) and it is scratch proof. Also it feels very soft and cool to the Touch. And it is so freaking thin, I mean really thin....my son and I were just loving holding the thing :D


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Launch Event?!?!?!?! I spent 3 days with the Surface Team in New York for the launch. My son is the kid you're seeing in the Surface Stories around the news sites, it was an AP Photo. Panos mentioned him twice in his keynote :)