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docked and screen down while powering on

Is there a setting that would allow me to have a powered off SB connected to a SB Dock, be able to turn on and use external monitor, and keyboards?


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Hi, @Kevin Cossaboon

Not sure what you mean.

To start using an external monitor and keyboard from a powered-down Surface Book connected to the dock:
- Press the Power button.

The Surface Book remains the computer for your peripheral devices. The dock provides no processing power.
Kevin Cossaboon
I seem to be having many peripheral issues as what you described is not working for me.

The ONLY way I can Take my Surface Book from the off state, connect to the DOCK which has a Ethernet, Monitor and Logitech wireless mouse keyboard, and power it on is have the screen in the inverted position so that the Surface will power on with it's monitor first.

This can be added to;

  • Surface Dock unable to obtain offered DHCP Address (I monitored my DHCP server and I see the request and the response, but the Surface Book never accepts it) This will come and go, leave the Ethernet cord unplugged (overnight seems to work) and then it works again.
  • Font Size, random sizes on external monitor depending on mode of the Surface Book. I use an LG UM95 34um95c and the font size a CMD window can go from 2pt to 8pt depending on the boot or wake mood.
  • As I write this the GPU failed twice
    it does that regularly using general office apps.
  • Surface Dock is connected, I am using the USB devices, but the Surface Book is not charging
  • Remove the screen from the inverted position, and flip it to the normal or LAPTOP position, and the screen orientation does not change, thus the screen is upside down. and when I release it, the rotation will not work, need to reboot.
  • When I finally get the Surface Book working with laptop down, external screen on. Surface Book puts screen to sleep, on schedule. This results in no (simple) way to recover to the external monitor. Click Mouse, Click keyboard... nothing. Lift Screen on Surface Book, and there is the desktop. Check 'Settings' -> Display, One Monitor... Click detect, only one monitor. The Ethernet, and mouse that are on the Surface Dock are working but the Surface book does not see the monitor (that is on), pull the display port cord, re-insert, no help. Put Surface to SLEEP, then close Surface Book, then click keyboard again, and back to the big screen.
Does anyone know if Microsoft has an official place to put these issues, to insure they are working on them?
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Kevin Cossaboon
Any thoughts on why mine would be on? I think I like the clip board style, and using the Surface Book screen to take notes in OneNote and the monitor for the meeting, but learning where knobs are in Windows.

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