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Docking Station in stock

Just received mine. Will set it up at the office today.
The box is not in front of me to verify but I believe it has 2 or 3 USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port.
I have been using an LED monitor, powered USB hub, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse; the Surface Pro replaced my laptop and the experience has been excellent!
The docking station is powered. It will charge the surface when docked (unless of course you are a victim of the Dec. 10 firmware, in which case the docking station becomes a port replicator while your battery lasts).

3xUSB 2, 1 USB 3, miniDP, mic and speaker, 100 Mb Ethernet. The Ethernet is my only gripe - what were they thinking? Discounting the current firmware issue I've been very happy with the dock.
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more specifically I mean does it provide the needed usb 3.0 power to provide enough power for several different usb 3.0 devices. likes lets say I hook a usb 3.0 hub to it. will it provide the needed power it each of those ports to support usb 3.o? like I have a Toshiba hard drive 3.0 and and xbox controller. if I plug the multiport usb 3,o hub, will it provide the needed power to power an external portable 3.o drive and and xbox controller. id rather get the surface dock than the pluggable dock if this is the case.
The docking station has been on Staples for a week. The site keeps offering me an "exclusive deal", $40 off for the next 20 minutes. $159 sounds like a good price, but if I'm at my desk, I use my desktop.

Docking Station for Surface | Staples®

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Not sure about how many devices you could power through the bus but you could use a powered hub which would ensure that you have enough juice to go around.