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Docking Station - Power Question


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I'm in Australia and have my SP3 i7 256 ordered - delivery currently 28/8 per MS.

However - I want to get a couple of docks (home and office). MS Australia don't have the docks available for preorder so I'm looking at potentially importing from the US.

I appreciate they aren't even out in the US yet but does anyone know how the power connects on the dock and whether they are 110/220v ? Will I be able to just replace with a figure of 8 lead with Australian power pins, if not will a pin adapter do or would I need a voltage converter ?



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Like the 48W power adapter, the dock power is universal, operating at 100-240V ~ 1.3A 50/60 Hz.

The dock does not use a brick power adapter. Instead, you will plug the dock directly into mains power. Then, the left and right portions of the dock close onto the left and right of the Surface Pro 3, stabbing connectors into all ports, including power.