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I'm not sure how for back that old response goes but I remember it from my high school days back in the 50s. That old answer for "Yes" comes to mind as an answer to the question, do you like your Surface.? There are dozens of reasons for this kind of response by me. It's good looking, it works great, it's light to carry around, and as small and light as it is, it does everything as fast or faster than any of the desktops I have used.

Maybe some of you can come up with your own reasons, why you like your Surface. & I'm not a Microsoft shill. I have been using windows since Windows 1.0.
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To the Tune of Winter Wonderland

My Mac is great.
It's so delightful!

So's my Surface
It's just as powerful

You can write with a pen?
You can say that again.
I really like my Surface Pro 3.

Hey, what's that?
Is it a kickstand?

Touchscreen, too.
It's really slick, man.

It comes apart, I see ...
It's got a USB.
I really like my Surface Pro 3.

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