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Issue with cursor/clicking

Does anyone else have an intermittent issue of your SP3 not responding to your mouse/touch? If I use the mouse, I can see the cursor move but if I click something, no response. If I am using touch, I can see the screen reacting to my touch (the gray circle) but the SP3 also doesn't respond. My screen is not frozen or anything. I can perfectly alt tab to switch between windows. Whenever this happens, I press ctrl+alt+del, bring up the task manager, and then without even using the task manager, everything is back to normal again. So this has been an issue that has been occuring for the past month or two and I'm wondering if I'm alone in this.

It seems to usually occur when I'm viewing a pdf (Reader or XodoDocs). I can turn the page and scroll up and down and even move the window of the pdf readers but it seems like outside of the pdf application, nothing else responds. It's as if the computer has tunnel vision or something...
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I see this all the time on S3 with Touch not as much on SP3, haven't used a mouse in ages, I think they have all been caught in traps and died. ;)