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Does a magnetic latch on a case affect the stylus performance?


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The Galaxy Note stylus produces its signal by proximity to the tablet. The tablet has an force induced electromagnetic field, which the stylus receives as a electrical signal. A very clever scheme, though an external magnet can disturb this field. This is similar to the way induction battery chargers (wireless) work.

The Surface Pro 3 pen uses its own power source (single AAAA battery), which does not require the tablet to induce an external field in order to power the stylus. External magnets don't disturb the field.

I've had my SP3 around magnetic clasps, indivudual magnets, magnetic rocks (I'm a geologist), and never have had a problem with screen shadowing or ghosting. I take my SP3 out in the field often, even on radiation hunts, and the screen shows no temporary or permanent artifacts.