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Does anyone else think their SP3 might be running a little cooler since the 8/19/14 firmware update?

Hmmmm, I think my SP3 is pretty cool but I'm pretty sure the general population wouldn't agree unless it had a piece of fruit etched into the back of the screen. I'm not sure a firmware update can fix it. :p
A firmware is usually a monolithic chunk of code and the latest version is the *one*.

Not sure about cooler although I'm experiencing an anomaly with Graphics draining the battery during sleep so once that gets resolved I hope to get back to normal. We shall see.
Did a Refresh and applied all updates... unit did not get hot and the updates went in quickly... no issues restarting. Time will tell if I've fixed the graphics issue but it seems ok for now.
I don't think all updates have the previous updates as well. But if your SP3 is new, then it probably shipped with all updates to that point, applied already.

My guess anyways.

Not my experience at all.

I bought my I7 last Saturday 8/16 and the first thing I did after setup was check for updates........ There were 44 updates required.

MS always ships a base setup of Windows that needs to be updated for all updates since the "Standard" was created. When the issue a Service pack or version (Sp1, or 8,1), that then usually becomes the new "standard"


My i7 seems to be running cooler and the fan running less often.

It kicked up in premiere when rendering a small clip then quickly the fan turned off. In the past, the fan stayed on long after. Not sure if this is because I haven't been running long for an extended time.
I agree. The only system firmware that got installed was the 08/19 update since I picked up this new SP3 i5. The system appears to not turn on the fan as much doing even normal stuff like web email, surfing and Office applications.
Nearing the Holy Grail of computing ?
Now do Something about battery life!!
I'm glad many people kept Complaining about the throttling issue and the other small gremlins, seems MS "is" listening.
I agree that the latest firmware has made my SP3 i7 run a bit cooler. A game I play normally would kick in the fan in 5-10 minutes. I played it for 30 minutes last night with no fan. Now if MS would only fix AC WIFI speeds.
Besides cooler... who is noticing longer battery life. 6 hours on battery with 53% remaining.
Anybody else get TWO 8/19/14 updates? I just got another one, and they both say succeeded in the update history..

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