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Does anyone else think their SP3 might be running a little cooler since the 8/19/14 firmware update?


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Hmmmm, I think my SP3 is pretty cool but I'm pretty sure the general population wouldn't agree unless it had a piece of fruit etched into the back of the screen. I'm not sure a firmware update can fix it. :p

Love it Homer. I think mine's pretty cool too & I have even applied a stickerboy to it.


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Not my experience at all.

I bought my I7 last Saturday 8/16 and the first thing I did after setup was check for updates........ There were 44 updates required.

MS always ships a base setup of Windows that needs to be updated for all updates since the "Standard" was created. When the issue a Service pack or version (Sp1, or 8,1), that then usually becomes the new "standard"


Update does not equal firmware.