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Does Photoshop and/or Painter have pressure sensitivity with Pro 2?


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I am leaning to get the Surface Pro 2 for my work with Corel Painter. I have read some posts on TabletPCReview that claim Photoshop does not get pressure sensitivity out of the box with Surface 2. I have heard nothing about Corel Painter, which is my program of choice for painting.

Does anyone know anything about this issue?



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I believe 'out of the box' is the main point - you should just need to install the Wacom enhanced driver and this will give you pressure sensitivity in programs like Photoshop. Will try and find the link and post it as I did this last night.

Edit: http://us.wacom.com/en/feeldriver should add pressure sensitivity.
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It was kind of a pain on the original Pro, because the drivers were still buggy, but now all you have to do is install the drivers linked above and then it just works. It is very turnkey, now.
Maybe I was expecting too much but after I installed the driver, my SP2 felt no more accurate in the corners as my SP1 was. Which is to say, it's still misses where I my pen tip by almost 1/8 of an inch.
One more thing, PS6 running in 64bit crashes the intel display drivers. The 32bit version works fine. Anybody else having this issue?