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Surface pro 2 pressure sensitivity in manga studio


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I've searched a round a bit and can't seem to find any information on my problem. I've seen people who have no pressure sensitivity when the touch 2 keyboard is connected, but it works fine if it's disconnected. My problem is the exact opposite. If the keyboard is connected the pressure sensitivity is fine, if no keyboard than it doesn't work at all. I don't really like drawing when it's upright, i'd rather use it as a tablet flat. I have windows 8.1 and downloaded the wacom drivers and tried installing them with the keyboard attached and without it attached, same result every time. Does anyone have experience with this, is there a forum post i missed with a fix for this?

That sucks, you could keep type cover connected and fold it backwards under the screen. It's made to do this and keys automatically disable.... least a work around till you find a fix...