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Does Surface 2 only come in the color Magnesium?


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I joined the forum yesterday and after reading considerable postings in the forum I pre-ordered a Surface 2 from a retailer in Qld Australia.Nowhere on their site does it reference a color for the Surface 2. I'm sure I read some where on a release site that it comes in black as well as the silver. Is this correct? The retailer doesn't expect delivery until late November and he thinks when they do come will be black. I wanting silver and I'm hoping that he is mistaken and the Surface 2 only comes in silver. Does anyone know what are the available colors? I may have to cancel my order and wait for silver to hit our shores.

Thank you


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Surface 2 is silver. Surface Pro 2 is the VaporMg dark grey. Both are "magnesium" so I don't know why MS wants to call only one of them by element name... What's wrong with "silver" and "grey"? :p