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Does Surface Pro come with downgrading rights


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No. Microsoft built the Surface Pro to be a Flagship for Windows 8, to show off everything they truly believed that Windows 8 was capable of, touch-wise, given the proper hardware.

I LOVE Windows 7, don't get me wrong, but it is not optimized for touch at all, and the Surface Pro wouldn't be very impressive with it, IMHO.


AFAIK you can install any OS in Surface Pro as its Full Fledged PC in a tablet form but the question is why ? I tried ubuntu and without mouse or Pen its impossible to navigate using touch , i think it applies any os which isn't Touch Optimized
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After a quick Bing it looks like it locks up installing early on if anyone was thinking of trying.


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You would need to disable Secure Boot (and possibly UEFI) and locate all of the drivers, but then you should be able to install Windows 7 (not sure why though).