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Surface Pro downgraded to accessory status...


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Well, for one thing, of course they are going to say that since they are now selling "devices". However, there are many compelling arguments for not creating a SPII. Basically it isn't necessary. Yes, I can see smaller versions of the Surface running Windows 8 with atom (or something like it), but the SPII?

You have to ask yourself, why?

1) Will MS earn a profit from it? Probably not.
2) Will it help to make people adopt Windows 8 as the SP1 was intended to do? Probably not.

So if the SPII doesn't earn a profit on it's own and doesn't sell more software, what purpose does it serve to the Shareholders of MS? Face it, the economies of scale for a company like MS to build expensive hardware devices like the SP suck. I believe they will keep selling tablets (at a loss) just like Amazon sells Kindles (at a loss) to push content, but the SPII? Don't see it.

If that's the case then I fear for the longevity of this forum lol...


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Think about it. Two keynotes at BUILD and not a peep about SP2? I am more convinced than ever there will be no SP2.
You know what? I'm glad there was no SP v2 discussion. It's too early!!! :)

The SP was just released in February; it is now July! I can tolerate .1 incremental releases in the meantime (i.e., SP with 256GB, etc.), but wait until end of year to talk about v2 and what's coming in (around Feb.) 2014. :)