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Guidance for 3 projects..


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Hello all,
I have 3 projects that I believe my surface pro will be an excellent tool to use but I am unsure on the best route and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. ( I also have a Xbox 1 Kinect and the windows 10 adapter)

Project #1 I would like to scan my kitchen cabinets and replace the counter tops with different material. I thought with the MR tools built into the surface this should be easy, but I cant figure out how to select and change surfaces. I have pictures of all counters with nothing on them

Project #2 I would like to make 3d scans of my children and grandchildren to have 3d models made for my wife's Christmas present.

Project #3 I want to convert our old vhs tapes to a digital format. I know I will need the analog to digital convertor and some type of storage medium/drive. all the "best of" web sites just seem like advertisers trying to sell certain products.

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