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Does the Default Mail App Have a Refresh Button?


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Often times my iPhone will notify me that I get an email, and so I go to the mail app in my surface to check out the email (for some reason I don't get notifications of new emails on my surface), but the email is not there. I want to refresh in the app so that it pulls the new email but I can't seem to find the refresh button.

Have I missed something?
You can find a manual sync option by bringing up the app bar (drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen) and going to the dotted button where you will find a "sync" menu item. Select that and it should manually sync.
Also find this as well, however my Surface often gets my Twitter messages before my iPhone does... strange. I thought bringing down the email list and letting go refreshed it, but most of the time it still won't show my new email for a couple of minutes.