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Does the Surface Pro 2 Have an Internal Cooling Fan?

Sir Face

New Member
I read this in a review on the SP2 at Rethinking Microsoft's tablet: Surface Pro 2 succeeds | Microsoft - CNET News

"•I understand the design better now: The fact that the Surface Pro is relatively thick for a tablet put me off at first. But I understand the necessity now. Microsoft bypassed both the Intel Atom and Core Y series processors. Those two chips, particularly the former, are power-frugal designs that would allow a thinner chassis. Instead, Microsoft opted for the mainstream U series Core i5 processor. That powerful chip requires a (small) fan and a relatively big battery to keep it going. But it's fast. Very fast."

An actual turning, motor driven cooling fan??
It does have an internal fan, but you correct, that is why Panos Panay kept telling the audience at the launch that the Pro 2 was faster than any laptop in the Audience, the went with the U Series...
Yes. In fact, the Surface Pro 2 has 2 ultra quiet, high quality, fans. In addition, it uses 2 heat sinks to dissipate the heat faster as well.
The dual fans allows the system to be cooled with fans running at slower speed (means quieter system), better (allowing the device to be under heavy stress load for extended period of time, without issue or throttling of the system), and quicker (fan will stop quicker reducing the time the system needs to have the fan operating)


The fan only kicks in when you push the system for a while. Most of the time, it does not. The system is never hot either.

Microsoft didn't cheap out on the cooling solution, and uses a powerful CPU.
I've had two Surface Pro's now and actually I've noticed something. The main thing I could do to set my fans off on my first one was to load up a bunch of YouTube videos...

The fans would eventually go crazy and would carry on for a good 5-10 minutes after shutting them all down. With my new one, this doesn't happen!

Instead, I get a kinda whining noise coming from my Surface. I hope it's not a stuck fan lol... either way it seems to work fine and I actually prefer it now because it's hard to hear (unless your room is completely silent) and much better than the fan noise! It doesn't feel hot or anything afterwards.
I never hear the fans. Well, that's not true. When I game something intensive, yes. But for browsing the web, playing something like Dr. Jolt or Cut the Rope, or editing documents, printing, youtube videos, etc I haven't heard the fan once. Kayzee, do you mean you open multiple tabs or windows with youtube videos all playing at once? Because I use it to watch videos all the time (even 1080p videos) and I have yet to hear the fans go on let alone get anything hotter than a very very mild warm after an hour of watching.

I love this device and I have nothing but praise. Microsoft did a fantastic job with the Surface Pro 2. :)
Yup if I had about 5 YouTube videos all running in different tabs the fans would go crazy on my first Surface Pro. They also fired up during OS updates and strangely, whenever the screensaver was active.

I've not tried using a screensaver with my new machine though.

Perhaps my old one was just over sensitive
I bought my Surface Pro 2 six months ago and it is already falling apart. The major thing is that the fan doesn't work. I can still do almost anything on my Surface, expect for watching videos or playing games. There's minor problems with the keyboard and random reboots, but the major thing is the fan. I can't be without a computer and the whole 6-7 day wait for a new (refurbished) device is a deal breaker. After six months I'm stuck with a bad fan. Although the iPad is basically a toy when compared to the Surface, I envy how the iPad can play videos all day long and be ice cold. I never understood why video playing on a Surface is such a stressful thing. It's probably because the Surface is really a PC and not really designed to be a tablet.

I wish I could just go to a Microsoft store and swap out this lemon for a good working model.
You can get an advance exchange dude, that's what I done. They send you out a new one before you send your old one back, so you're never without a computer! Actually much better than Apple in this respect, as they don't offer this service.
I did advance exchange as well. Just be aware that they will put a hold on your credit card for the amount of the device until they get your unit back.