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New Tech Support Issue Surfaces for the Surface Pro 3: i7 Version Overheating


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Forgive the pun in the title... sometimes it's hard to resist. At any rate, even though the new Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft has been an unqualified success, that doesn't mean it is completey immune to some issues. According to the latest reports, the newest and most powerful version of the device is experiencing overheating problems.

Reports indicate that some of the newest Surface Pro 3 tablets that include the Intel Core i7 processor are experiencing overheating issues and sometimes even shut themselves down. The issue is most prominent on manufacturer batches lot 1428 and 1429, although it is not exclusive to these. The way you can determine if your device comes from one of these lots is to look above your serial number, on the back of the device.

So far, only 4 units have been reported on the Microsoft forums to have this issue, but there could be more. Here's a quote with a few more details,

Users are reporting the fan switching on and spinning at full speed when the tablet is only used for web browsing or even idling. It eventually overheats and turns off automatically, displaying the thermometer icon until it cools down. Other threads across the community boards list different complaints – overheating while playing games from the Windows Store (which are meant to run flawlessly on the much less powerful ARM processors, so the Core i7 shouldn't even break a sweat), fast battery drain and deformation of the back panel, or any mixture of the symptoms listed above.

Sound off if you have experienced any of these issues and let us know how Microsoft handles this for you.

Source: PhoneArena

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Lot # 1428; I7-512 Never had a shutdown due to heat. Heavy Office 2013 Office 365 user, Heavy Lightroom/PS user.

Unit has replaced my Laptop/desktop completely.


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