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Does your auto-update work? If so, how?


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I know the question is silly, but does your auto-update work? Does it work like windows phone?

Just to test, I sent out an update last night for one of my apps. It was certified and made it to the store last night. Today I'm still waiting for the app to update on my surface rt.

How long does it take for the app to update automatically in my tablet?


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Seems to me that the auto updater is not 100% fully functional. I've noticed that there are "always" one or two updates available when I check manually. Going to do a test now, got two apps that are not crucial for me to update, will check if they install automatically over the next week or so.


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I suspect this is randomized so they don't all try to update at once and it may also depend on how much other stuff is going out at that time.
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