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Downloading Amazon Prime video


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Is there currently a movie/TV subscription service that provides offline downloadable viewing for PC's or Macs? They all pretty much do it for individual rentals, not that I know of for the subscription model.
Does not matter. Amazon has it for some platforms and needs to support Windows.

Anyone who is a good enough customer with Amazon can probably get some small perk if they express displeasure via phone. I have seen Amazon do it for so much. But nobody has to take my word for it. I just know I get mine for issues about Amazon that I care much about.
The way to get around this Amazon restriction and download Prime videos to your Surface is to install either Amiduos or Bluestacks to your device. As we've mentioned many times, these are programs that allow you to run Android apps. I just tested this and through Bluestacks, I opened the Amazon App Store and downloaded Amazon Video. Selected a Prime video and BAM, there's the option to download to device. Clicked it and it started downloading.