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Is there a way to download Amazon Prime to SP6


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I am switching from Ipad to SP6 in a attempt to go to one device. I can not find an Amazon Prime app. Is there a work around?


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Oh. Now you say so.

Unfortunately for now, AP content is available for downloading only on iOS and Android devices.


I have tried Android emulators with mixed results. While Bluestacks can play AP video offline it sucks the hell out of the battery, which can be a problem on an airplane. other emulators did not display video at all.


Try the Miuplayer. It allows you to set different performances and keeps the battery alive longer.
For some reason Showtime won't work.

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Sadly it would seem Amazon is being a dick about this. Years ago you could download Amazon content on Windows but after Amazon Fire Tablets came along the capability no longer exists. Not sure exactly when this changed but it was in that timeframe.

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