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I have the SP3 and I'm looking for a good art program. I am currently using ArtRage which I really like to use for making linearts (their pen tool has an awesome smoothing feature) but I am unable to find a program that has a smudge tool (similar to the one Gimp has.)
I tried Gimp but it lags (which is most likely user error) but I am also not a fan of it's eraser tool. I am also against using SAI mainly because last time I tried to get it, I got a virus. I have also tried Krita, I cannot figure out how to use it (even after looking at loads of tutorials) to save my life.

I am not against paying (just please not over 60 bucks) and free is awesome also.

Thank you!!!


How is the UI in mischief? I have been using the free version of Krita, but the UI is so small because of the screen resolution. I would be willing to spend 25 on Mischief for a better scaled UI heh.