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Driver issue?


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Hi All,

I've got an interesting problem with my surface pro 4.

One day during normal use the screen went blank. Powering on also resulted in a blank screen. Eventually, using the hard restart power button combos I was able to get in to UEFI.
Allowing a restart from UEFI would freeze when the machine started to load windows.

I'm able to boot from USB and install windows 10 fresh from a recovery image. However, if i connect the device to wifi eventually the screen will once again go blank and I'm back at the start. If don't connect to wifi the device is happy, though limited in function without the correct drivers.

Installing the surface pro 4 drivers from Microsoft results in the same problem - blank screen during install.
Installing display driver directly from intel also results in the same problem - blank screen during install.
I've also tried the recovery image for the surface pro 4 from Microsoft. This also results in a blank screen when windows is setting itself up, I'm assuming during the display driver installation.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm starting to run out ideas to test.