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Dropbox App Weirdness


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Has anyone else noticed that when you open a MS Word 2010 document from the Metro App it only opens in 'Read Only' mode while opening the same doc using the desktop app opens the Word doc normally. I haven't been able to figure out why nor have I been able to find any information on the issue. Is it a setting? A glitch? Or what? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a similar issue.
When I open words docs, they often open in read only mode. If I close it and re-open it, it's editable.
Both times I am double clicking on the file in Windows Explorer.
I'm using Office 2013.
So, I think it's a win8/office issue rather than a drop box issue.

First open can be hit or miss, 2nd attempt is OK...


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I hate the Dropbox app - Does not work well at all for opening up files or downloading (seems to hang alot) I use the app All My Storage Pro to manage all my cloud storage, including dropbox. It's a couple bucks, but much easier to use. The other day I couldn't even sign into the dropbox app - kept getting the "Oops" message - So I just used AMSP with no problem.


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It is not a bug. Opening an Office document from a link opens it up in read only mode for protection, I.e., macros or scripts potentially running, from unverified sources, I.e., not your hard disk. This includes email.


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If you go to File --> Options --> Trust Center --> Trust Center Settings you can disable Protected View if you really want to. Your documents will open normally, but that would leave you open to unintended pilfering and badness.