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Dropping Email Accounts Overnight


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I have had an i7/256 SP3 for a month with relatively few issues. I have, however had two instances when a number of email accounts don't appear and must be added again. I have a fair number gmail, yahoo, and godaddy email accounts. When it works it works great. Some, but not all of each get deleted occasionally. Coincidentally this has happened overnight and show up, or accounts don't show up, when powered up in the morning. Also some of the accounts, typically gmail have the yellow "need attention" line and need the password to be re-entered or removed and added to bring back. Has happened twice in a week and wonder if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon?


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This is a total WAG but I'm thinking that you have a lot of accounts in just one mail client and one of those accounts is struggling to get or sync mail in sleep mode and when it fails it's corrupting the other settings/accounts.

See what happens if you set all those accounts to only get mail on demand rather than automatically.

Another option would be to put some of the accounts into another mail client to narrow down the problem.