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transferring from one Surface to another


If I'm going to have to have my Surface Book replaced, is there an "easy" way to transfer all my data from one Surface to another?

It will be such a pain to reinstall all my software, settings, internet favorites, etc. and I was just wondering if there is a way I can just transfer a copy of everything to the new device (like a system image or something) without having to reinstall everything.


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If you login with a MS account some your setting are saved with your account. Things like favorites and desktop shortcuts. Programs will have to be reinstalled. I work in IT and we have a standard image that we use with all the enterprise software on the image. We then install specialty software manually. When we purchase a new machine it always comes with the current OS. Because we have the enterprise version of Windows 7 imaging is covered under our licensing agreement. Technically imaging is only allowed with an enterprise license. It's all right to make an image of your system when your getting a new drive on the same pc. The tricky part is taking an image made on one machine and copying it to another.


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I had to recently reset my Surface 3, I had a surface Pro 2 with the same programs installed on both. After the reset I used PC Mover, it cost, but it transferred all my programs without a hitch.