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EMail in ModernUI - Push not working?


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I've got my SP3 yesterday and so far it's amazing!

I got a new Microsoft-Account for my Office-Plan and I decided to switch to outlook.com for my new E-Mail-Account. Set up everything and now on my surface I'm using this account as a whole and as my mail-account.

But I'm encountering this problem:

Though I set up the mails as "push" it won't push them, the sync will only start when I start up the mail app.
There are no notifications at all.

Anyone has experienced the same?

What can I do? I unlinked and linked my account to the whole surface again but it wont work...


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No, its the only one.

So far it doesnt even work with the 15 or 30 minutes scheduled sync. It only syncs if i open the app....