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Email Problem


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I have a Surface RT 32. I have an Email address for Hotmail. I live in Ireland.

There are 2 tiles for Email. 1 for Email & 1 for Email Inbox. Both open the same Email window. Are there supposed to be 2 tiles for Email?

However, I can send Emails from both, but cannot receive Email in either.

How do I get into my Email accounts to change the settings.

Is it a problem that my Email is "hotmail.com" & I think it is trying to connect to "Hotmail.co.uk"? or hotmail.ie?

I have 2 desktops w/win8 (home built), 2 laptops w/win7, so I am not a novice!


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The original icon should be called Mail. You can also pin new icons to individual accounts and even specific folders from within the Mail app. You can unpin those icons if you don't want them. Unwinding doesn't delete anything. As for Hotmail, your Hotmail address should continue to work. Microsoft is working to more the web email interface to Outlook.com, but that works with a Hotmail, Live, or Outlook address. Not sure why you can't receive, when I have seen this in the past it has been a corrupt pst file in the full version of Outlook. Not sure if something could be wrong in your primary account. Is you Hotmail account you primary account? Have you tried switching to a local account and then resetting up your primary account?
I can receive my Hotmail accounts on all my other computers, so it isn't a problem with the account.

It is a problem with the Surface RT. It is worthless if I can't get Email! That is why I bought it!

I need a way to get into my Email settings on the Surface. There must be a way!!

I mean the account on the Surface. When you first setup your Surface, you defined a primary account. It's that account setup on the Surface, that I'm thinking is bad. Not you Hotmail account in general, just the setup on your Surface. Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to make changes to the primary account on Windows 8 when logged into that account, so you have to switch to a local account. You can then make changes to the primary account or remove and recreate the account and switch back. Try running Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter and see if it finds anything. http://download.microsoft.com/downl...B-A23B-5C3A6B5974E3/microsoftaccounts.diagcab

I apologize to all replies!!

It was my stupidity that caused the problem!!

I was using a similar account to the one I wanted to use to send Email to the Surface.


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No need to apologize. We have all been there and know how frustrating it can be when thing aren't working properly especially when it also involves a new toy. As long as all is now working for you, it was a useful thread!