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Error trying to install Win 10 upgrade


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So I'm on attempt number 7 to upgrade from 8.1 to 10 on my SP3. I continue to get error code 80070003, and have taken all of the steps suggested by Microsoft, multiple times to get it installed. Used the Windows update troubleshooter, manually deleted the temp update files, rebooted after doing both of these, and still no joy. Anyone have any other ideas? I'm to the point where I think the only option I have left is to nuke my 8.1 back to factory fresh and start there, but am trying to avoid at all costs if possible.


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Any special networking software installed like VPN clients? What antivirus do you have, there are known issues with Bitdefender, the unknown unknowns are what worry us. :)


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No, this is a very vanilla machine. Office 2013, Chrome, and about 4 Windows Store apps are the only thing installed.