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Ethernet Adapter


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If I purchase an USB hub would I be able to plug the USB Surface Ethernet Adapter into the hub and it operate as advertised?

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Spending an extra $45 for the Surface Ethernet Adapter seems severely overpriced when you can get something like this for cheaper.


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Although I don't have my SP2 yet (Monday!), I ordered this dock. It is more functional than the yet-to-be SP2 dock and at $99, it is half the price. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the MS dock. Check out the video on the linked page that demonstrates use with the Surface Pro. Mine is now sitting on my desk waiting for an SP2 to connect to it.

Plugable UD-3000 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station (DVI/VGA/HDMI to 2048×1152, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio In/Out, Extra USB 3.0/2.0 Ports, 4A AC Power) | Plugable

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I don't need USB to DVI and audio jacks when they can be connected straight to the tablet. And from the reviews, it seems USB display output is not as good as through a dedicated display output port. A USB hub with Ethernet is all I need and preferably one without an additional power cable as my peripherals doesn't require more then the 900mAh USB 3.0 outputs.

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I plan to get a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 256GB as soon as they are available. I think the device, as built, needs more connectivity.

Specifically, I would like to see one or two more USB 3.0 ports and Ethernet connectivity. I find Ethernet to be at least 5 times faster than Wi-Fi, at least on my office setup.

I would also like to have the ability to read full-size SDXC cards. The maximum available on those right now is 256 GB, compared to 64 GB on the Micro SDXC cards. Also, the full-size SDXC cards are faster and quite a bit cheaper than Micro SDXC cards of the same capacity. It would even be handy to have an extra Micro SDXC slot, if I wanted to copy from one card to another without going through the step of storing on another device.

I have been looking for solutions to these needs ever since the Surface Pro 2 was announced. I think I have found a device which meets all of these needs. It if marketed by Juiced Systems, and currently sold by Newegg.com for $35, shipping included. I don't know how long that price will last, but I just bought one at that price. It arrived today, and I tested it out on my office PC (obviously not a Surface Pro 2!). All of the claimed features work, and I can recommend this Multifunction Ethernet Adapter. The device is found at:

Newegg.com - Multifunction USB 3.0 Gigabit LAN Adapter Hub

I think it will meet all of your connectivity needs on the Surface Pro 2, and the price is right.

I am not affiliated with either Juiced Systems or Newegg. Just passing on something that i think may help other Surface Pro 2 users.

I have one, and it works.


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A true docking station provides multiple, separate and independent ports for its host device.

A device that merely allows multiple devices to be connected to and operate from one shared port of the host device is a hub.

The two are not the same.