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How's your docking station working?


Lol so Microsoft re-engineers the Surface Pro to have additional kickstand angles due to customer outcry then sells a $200 plastic docking station with only one angle, the most extreme one? Oh MS, what are we to do with you?

Think you have missed the point of the two kickstandpositions. They are for mobile use and placing it on your lap. What would be the point in a flat angel for a dockingstation thats usually like 60cm away back on your desk? I've seen it once and the angle is perfectly right.
200 Bucks is a lot, but ok, it's original M$. I have a 3rd party (Targus) one for my Dell XPS that was arou d 150,- and has also only 1 USB3. Guess the problem is, that there just isn't more bandwidth. When I connect gigabit to my Targus plus the 23" screen, all over the one USB3, I'm getting lag on the mouse.


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Curious. What connectors on the Surface does the docking station use. I can't imagine it being sophisticated enough to actually slip a connection into the USB3, MiniPort, External Speaker/Microphone, & Power connector. What about the volumen control. How does it handle that?

Tim Finnigan

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Re: SP3 The docking station... its about 5-6 weeks old. Suddenly no power. Using the SP3 charger in the same outlet- it charges. The docking station is just dead. I've seen some references to an update from Aug that fixes this. But shouldn't I have received that in all my updates? The M/S store gave me a new pen after it crapped out. Had trouble with arc mouse but they showed me how to hold the button down "as long as it takes" to resynch with Bluetooth. Now power issue- I'm spending more and more time troubleshooting ---- Regards, Tim