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Ethernet + Hub for Surface 2.


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I'm looking for a cheap Ethernet + USB Hub that is compatible with the Surface 2, basically something better than the $50 adapter that microsoft sells.

Something like this perhaps;


Anyone use anything like this? How do I know it's compatible with Win RT? (I contacted Sales but have to wait and hear back and I'd like to look at other similar models like this, I don't really want to send an email to every seller that has something like this... is there anyway to tell if it should likely work or not?)


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There are very few adapters that support Windows RT, if it did it would say so.

For example See http://www.j5create.com/our-products/ethernet-adapters/jue125.html

Here's why: http://plugable.com/2012/10/28/the-windows-rt-and-surface-usb-device-compatibility-story
Crippled from the outset in so many ways.

Possible Workaround for some devices with compatible chipsets ...

Is Microsoft likely to FREE RT from it's crippling shackles now that it's officially DEAD? NO, They should though... There are only a few products available to run it. They should unlock it and set it FREE. let it be Free Open Source.