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European release date for Pro?


Just checking, has anyone seen or heard an update to when the Pro might be released in Europe?

Last rumour I heard about a month ago was for "second quarter".
The French MS site, which covers my location of Luxembourg (a Country in its own right, by the way!) still says "available soon", which could mean anything!

Having had my hands on the RT in a local shop I am mightily impressed, but really need/want the Pro as I will be using it in business as well as for pleasure.


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Oh, I have had mine for a couple of weeks already, but I suppose I was one of the first, at least here in Sweden. I hope you get yours soon too! I have the 128 GB version, and I LOVE IT!!! It's the only computer I will need, so I'm selling my other laptop, sold my Nexus 7 and won't need my stationary either anymore! Wow is my impression, John!


I gave up and imported. So glad I did, the Pro is amazing. Use mine as work PC, Laptop, tablet and very importantly a note pad with the stylus for my work and Studies. Doing My Accountancy finals, I I've got all my notes and textbooks in One place on Onenote 2013 and can make live inked notes wherever needed. Mistake of MS is marketing as an iPad, as a highly versatile laptop it truly shines.


No official word. I am waiting for it show up as well.. though am close to caving in and buying something else.


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Surface RT release date in North America: October 26, 2012
Surface RT release date in Europe: February 14, 2013 (111 days later)

Surface PRO release date in North America: February 9, 2013
Surface PRO release date in Europe: May 31, 2013 ??? (111 days later)


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Microsoft planning Xbox event for May 21...

Microsoft planning Xbox event for May | The Verge


They released in China first (2nd of April 2013) my estimate would be no later than June 2nd


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I found this on reddit:

So the Surface [Pro] is not coming to Europe until around June, that's all I know for now.


I have a buddy who works at Microsoft and that's what he has heard, this was a while back though, so things may have changed.

Sadly, that kinda makes sense;
US: February > 2 months > China: April > 2 months > Europe: June

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