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European release date for Pro?


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Yes! Yeees!!! Spain!!!!!! Surface Pro summer!!!!!!!


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Check the Surface on Facebook, that's what they announced through the Surface blogs.
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At this point you may as well wait for the Haswell devices to be released. It's funny how Samsung releases everything in Europe first and makes the USA wait. Other way around with MS.


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Yeah, I kinda agree. Still would have to find a comparable device then, and there aren't really much Wacom Digitizer Convertibles (Tablet/Ultrabooks). Currently, the Surface Pro is the only device I'd buy, all the others don't fit my needs (and I've tried/looked for so many!) xD

Well, let's see what Haswell brings us, maybe I'll still get a Surface Pro in May, I don't really need much more battery life anyways, but I would appreciate a cooler and quit device.


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Oh Boy, Haswell is out, but still, i guess i have to buy the pro1.

after all the waiting friends and family are making fun of me :(

i hope to laugh at their faces the oment i have it ;)