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Event 37, Kernel-Processor...is being limited by system firmware


i keep getting warnings in the event view that the CPU is being throttled by firmware. i5-4300 is suppose to go to 2.9 GHhz ... Taskmgr reports 2.5GHz. In the power options in control options there are very few settings available for plan advanced settings, no "processor power management", etc.

"The speed of processor X in group X is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 163480 seconds since the last report."

ARK | Intel® Core? i5-4300U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.90 GHz)

is there a way to get in bio, perhaps using a usb keyboard?
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Some folks get the higher performance states by installing Hyper-V, which disables connected standby (InstantGO). I think there is a powercfg setting you can run that will allow you to use it as well.


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This event is common in all Ultrabook/Tablet class devices, I had them on my SP2, RT and S2 as well as on my Samsung and ASUS Ultrabooks, the UEFI Firmware typically has some level of throttling to increase battery life and combat heat.


is there a way to enable higher performance states?

Although I can't specifically mention, if you use "powercfg" via command line you can manipulate the windows related power management. But firmware level is just that, firmware. Nothing you can do can modify this. You will have to wait for a update from Microsoft to possibly better manage this at the firmware level.