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Exchange Time 1 Week In


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I'll be honest, I'm the slightest bit disappointed this morning. For about 5 days my i5 256 GB SB ran JUST ABOUT flawlessly. Two days ago, I had an issue where the WiFi kept dropping. I did a network troubleshoot, and it went away until that evening.

Fast forward to last night, where I had a BSOD crash after disconnecting the clipboard from the base and attempting to windows repair the driver again. "Driver IRQL not less than or equal to"

So I figured "Okay, something in the driver must have corrupted. Let's uninstall the driver, restart, and see what happens".

I played around with it for a bit, and went to bed.

This morning I woke up and all SEEMED well. WiFi was connecting at reasonable speeds, pages were loading. Popped off the screen to browse some news, went to open up a flipboard article . . . and full stop.

It didn't BSOD, it just FROZE. It reattached to the base, but nothing changed. Stone cold frozen.

For the price, I'm not risking it. I'm gonna go exchange for another unit, put THAT one through it's paces, and hope that it's just a fluke. I do find it weird that problems only started popping up two days ago [I had a few other issues pop up, such as black screen boot, but dismissed as immature firmware -- maybe not]

I just thought I'd document it here just in case someone else ran across a similar issue.

And on the bright side, I was LOOKING for an excuse to upgrade to the i7.... I guess I got my window :D


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Hope the replacement works perfectly! After ups and downs with two SP3's and then a SB, I finally returned my SB yesterday. Very nice device, but I realized it was actually overkill for my needs. Plus, after software/firmware issues for a year with the SP3's plus hardware failures on both, and the issues you described on the SB, I just thought, why am I banging my head against the wall? I've got a Skylake ThinkPad Yoga 14 now that offers what I need, similar to the SB in a number of respects, and at less than half the cost. I'm satisfied, and the only glitch I've experienced was one display driver crash with FireFox - other than that one event, nothing else is going on. It's still early days, but I have to say that things are smooth compared to what I was experiencing with my SB.


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Apparently I had more issues with the old one than I realized. Whenever I changed screen res in HoTS and D3, I'd have to alt tab and go back into the game or it'd freeze and refuse to change resolutions. The new one doesn't do that, so I'm gonna go with hardware issues for the old one.

As a pleasant surprise, the i7 performance is actually a significant increase -- like 10-15 FPS in the above referenced games.

No, I didn't actually buy this as a gaming machine, but I *DO* have to travel for work, so I have to be able to live on this thing for 2 weeks at a a time.