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Experience with Portable Apps in the cloud?


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besides Office and some metro apps I am mainly using portable apps and I'm happy with that - but I am quite new with using cloud storage.

I am curently playing with the idea to store all my important files in the cloud (and make the file offline available) - including my portable apps folder.

Any experience with that? Does it work? Does it slow down the usage or is the speed of the apps?

Will you be keeping the portable apps folder available offline? If that's the case you won't notice any difference really as the PC will still be running a "local" version of the app.
Pardon my ignorance, but what are 'portable apps'?

I use SkyDrive extensively and save quite a few of my documentation there (having the 200GB from MS helps). I have made quite a few of my folders on SkyDrive available for offline work - the more/ most essential ones, of course. Additionally, I have moved the SkyDrive folder to my SD card, which allows me to be a bit more extravagant when making files and folders available offline. Personally, I find it to be an excellent feature which works quite well - I would loathed to give up if I have to. In fact, I have assumed that I would have to pay for the 200GB of storage once the 2 years' offer from MS expires and I am willing to bear that cost. That said, I should perhaps organize my files and folders better on SkyDrive!