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External Monitor - Changing Size of All Items CONSTANTLY?

Thanks. I'll test it now. For a company that provides a docking station, this is pretty dismal. You'd expect them to at least have tested that.


I have two ext monitors and when I plug my SP3 to it and detach it, I have to do this every single freakin time and its soooo annoying and tedious!!! It makes me not even want to use my monitors at all with the SP3 and get rid of them!

Not just that but even the sound, when I plug in speakers I have to go into the control panel and disable the SP3 internal speakers. Then go back in and enable them after I unplug the speakers, wtf is up with that? Is this a 1991 computer?
Okay, the latest driver update seems to have resolved my issues now.

With the "Let me choose my scaling" now checked off, it seems to scale both displays correctly which is great news. Took Microsoft long enough but I don't have to log off now every time I plug in an external and I can keep my high res settings for tablet only use.


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Mind elaborating? I use the dock for the SP3 and have a 1080p monitor hooked up to it and I'm still having problems. This is the one problem I have with using this device (I know it's a Win8 issue)....if it was fixed, I would absolutely love everything about the SP3
In display settings, there is an option called "let me choose one level of scaling for all my devices". When I previously unchecked this option, the resolution on my Surface Pro would show as ridiculously large (icons too small to be usable) while the external display was normal. With the latest firmware update, I have been able to now uncheck this again and my SP3 looks normal and my external display still looks normal.


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Hmmm. Wonder why mine isn't doing that. What is the resolution on your external monitor?

Also, which monitor do you have set up as your main display?
I'll check the settings this evening. I'm at a customer and don't have a display plugged in. I have the scaling set to recommended size. Surface Pro 3 is set to max resolution


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I'll have to try switching which main (my external is set to being primary). Also, I wonder if because myonitor is 1080 that is causing me problems.
This is Microsoft we are talking about, so it could be anything. It could be because you have an iPhone in close proximity or because you set google as your default search provider :p