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External Monitor Not Being Detected -LG23MP47HQ


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Hi all,

First of all, I'm new to the forums and thanks in advance for any help. I'm having problem with connecting my surface pro 3 to an external display via a minidisplay to hdmi cable.

It used to 'work', although the screen flickers depending on what is in the background (the frequency also depended on the cable, I have two generic ones), this was tolerable at the time. Then sometimes it would not work at all, but it would work again if I simply "rolled back" the driver. Today, when I tried to use it, one of the cables stopped working, and the other flickered a lot. So I tried rolling back the driver again. This did not change anything, so I tried uninstalling the display driver altogether, and this stopped both cables from working completely, so I tried resetting the surface pro 3. Now neither cable works, I have tried downloading various versions of display drivers and updating/trying them one by one which didn't work. At one point during this series of driver updates, one of the cables would detect the external monitor but both the surface pro 3 and the monitor would be black. Now, after doing various updates of display drivers, it doesn't detect the monitor at all. Help please? Do people know if this is cable, monitor, hardware or driver issue? Should I go out and buy a new cable?

My monitor model is LG23MP47HQ - P.

Thank you.