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External Monitor not recovering from sleep mode


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I'm using a Surface Pro 3 with a docking station and two external monitors. A Dell 2407WFP and an Asus PB278Q. Both are connected with DisplayPort adapters, the Dell to the docking station and the Asus to the SP3. My problem is that the Asus monitor will not recover from sleep mode. Every time this happens I have to manually unplug the adapter and plug it in again. I've tried plugging the Asus monitor into the docking station but the problem remains. I previously used the Asus monitor on another PC with a DVI adapter and it worked perfectly.

I know that there are other users with this problem and it doesn't seem to be with one brand of monitor. What I haven't been able to find is a solution. How do I fix this?


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I have the same issue with a Dell U2713H plugged directly into mDP. I have to turn monitor off and then on again if both monitor and SP3 are asleep for it to come back on monitor screen and not Surface screen.