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Facebook to browser and back


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When I open a Facebook photo or post in a browser I am unable to return to directly to Facebook. I have to close the browser and restart Facebook.
I;m learning to use my SurfacePro, Currently at ease with Sony Vaio laptop and iPad.


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What browser are you using?

... and also, does this happen on all websites with whatever browser you are using? You may not be using the "Back" (to previous website) key or function, but instead are using some kind of "backspace".


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I am using the "back" button on explorer and chrome. Just figured out I need to slide slide facebook in from left instead of using back button.


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When you click on a picture in Facebook it opens in a smaller window where you can also see comments. There is a little x in the upper right corner and when you hit the x the picture closes and you're on the web page. It's the same on the Surface as on a PC browser.