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Failed - Squealing Noise, Hot & Rainbow Screen & Locked Up


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I have an S3 I7 256 that's two months old with no problems up to recently. While the unit was in standby and charging the unit began squealing loudly. It sounded like it was coming from the speakers, not the fan. The fan was running at full speed and the back of the unit was hot. When powered on with the power switch the screen was rainbows without any text and unresponsive. The power switch did not turn unit off. Closing the keyboard cover blanked out the screen and turned the unit off. Powering up the unit brought up the rainbow screen again. Put the pad in the freezer which did nothing but cool off the case. Still can't bring the unit back to life.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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The S3 without keyboard. It's still dead today.
:(Sorry for your situation, but since you have determined it to be "dead" I would leave in the freezer until a cure, I mean, a fix, is found, much like the asperations of those cryogenics adherents.


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Squealing sounds like you cooked off a capacitor. The i7 really is too much cpu for this form factor.