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Fake Global Warranty


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I pre-ordered surface book last October, and am happy to see my surface book works well while numerous complaints flooded in the community back then. It changes two days ago. After playing starcraft II on my surface, I went to bed. The next day, when I tried to start it up, it just got stuck in the UEFI boot sceen. Restart->UEFI screen->restart->UEFI screen, an infinite loop. Then I followed the instructions on the website to create a recovery image. Unfortunately, every single option in the recovery image failed and it told me the disk drive can not be found. I ran a "CHKDSK C": command in the command prompt provided by the recovery usb, and the only drive to be found is the usb itself. With the help from google search, some guys on reddit report the exact same problems, and they suspect it's the reason of SSD failure, aka a hardware malfunction, which means the only way to fix it is to replace it with a new one. I also called the surface client service number to get help, and tried every step they asked me to do. Of course, still no luck.

The problem is I am in China now and cannot visit MS store in the states for replacing it. Then I called the service number in China and the number in HongKong, but they all told me due to policy I can only replace it in a MS store in the states, "You have to go back to where you buy it to replace it", that's what they say. What kind of global warranty this is??????

By the way, when I tried to use recovery image, the error message says "the disk drive where windows is installed is locked. please unlock and try again", which is a quite common problem among windows8
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Do you know any US friends that might help you out? There are also some shipping services that provide a relay so a warranty return can have a local address and they reship it to you. I have seen this discussed a few times, it seems that's what people do in your situation. Sorry I don't have any first hand experience.