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Is there a specific mode that can guarantee no noise from the fans on an SP7 i7? Please let me know...

Hi All,
Everything is in the title. I know noise coming from the fans can be annoying to many of us, especially on i7 processor models.

I was wondering if Mic has ever introduced a "silent" or "low noise" mode which would for instance limit the performances of the Surface, while guaranteeing a silent operation of the machine?

Let me know if you know something on that topic!


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Well, I work with some surface Pros/Books at work and cooling is an issue with the SP4s but we also have some SP7s and SB 3's too. They are all kind of loud when in Team's video calls/meetings when using the built-in mic but a headset makes it a non-issue. If you really don't want to use a headset, I guess turning the surface down to a balanced/low power setting might do the trick. Not sure if you can underclock the Surfaces or not but make sure you have your bitlocker code if you mess with the UEFI.

I would just avoid these Surface Pros/Books altogether.
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