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File History partially broken


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Other people are reporting this problem on the MS support forums.

File History is partially broken in Windows 10. I am unable to exclude some folders from it, namely the Downloads folder. I use this folder as a catch-all before sorting into their proper locations. I cannot add it to the excluded folders list in the modern or classic settings. It will allow me to add the folder, but closing and reopening the settings shows that it was removed from the excluded folder list (so still backed up).

Also, nearly every folder I removed from the included folders list in the modern settings reappears.

I wouldn't have noticed, but my backup disk filled up way before I expected, so I went investigating (leading to deleting 300GB of random junk on the backup disk).

I just wanted to get the word out and see if anyone else is having this problem on this forum (it's definitely on other ones), and if anyone knows of a workaround besides making a new Downloads folder somewhere else and excluding that folder (which does work).

So, for the meantime, I've started using SyncbackSE. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.
(SP3, i7/512, Win x64 8.1->10 in place upgrade)