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HowTo SD-Card: Add Content to Library; use as primary destination ...


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well, i have done all of the above but still the apps wont able to list my music files... i guess i will have to wait for windows update or something...


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I used the method that was mentioned here, but it only worked for a short time. So I found this method and it's been flawless. So instead of mounting it and created a folder in the user directory, I did a VHD (virtual hard drive/disc). Here are the instructions.

Microsoft Surface

Follow the instructions exactly and this will work.


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Which path did you take? Junctions or mounted volumes?

I used mounted volumes. I will try the new suggestion indicated above... I wanna make this work... already using Lumia 920 and new Dell running windows 8. Hoping the Surface complete my eco system


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yes, tried this but it does not work. have even rebuild the index :mad2:

Here's my take on the options-

1. Mounted volume is my preferred method, though for the SD card, requires re-index when items are deleted.
2. Junctions work best when the organization of files is flat. Won't work for me for photos. Works well with audio and video.
3. VHD for this purpose don't work.
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Can I also please get some help?

I am also not able to get the pictures to appear in the photos app. Here is a screenshot of what I've done:


photo (4).JPG

Arnold, do i need to rebuild the index as well? It does not seem to do anything. With that said, I did notice that after i tried to rebuild, the folders in my picture library now say "unresponsive".. this can be seen in the second screenshot.

Is this because it is still rebuilding?



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Shoot... so I restarted my Surface and now it does not see the SD card. It does not even list it.. When I take it out and put it back in, the surface makes a noise but it does not appear anywhere under "Computer"

Does anyone know why this is happening?


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Ok.. i am not sure what i have done, but somehow a new folder called "Search" has now appeared under "My Pictures" and I cannot move it or delete it.

Interestingly enough, it is the only new folder now showing up in the Photos App except it contains no Photos!!

photo (6).JPG

Do you guys know what caused this "Search" folder to appear and how to do I get rid of it? I am fearing that I've done something wrong and need to reinstall Windows because I don't know what I have done...